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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

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nowexam 000-154 practice exams topics and study questions are composed by current and active Information Technology experts, who use their experience in preparing you for your future in IT.Share the latest 000-154 Study Guide and witness 000-154 test papers follows:1.EJB clients must supply which two of the following pieces of information  in order to use JNDI services?
A.The IP address of a Web container
B.The DataSource name for a JDBC database
C.A provider URL detailing the location of the name tree
D.The class name of the initial context factory
Correct:C D¬
2.When the JMS API is used, which two subtypes of javax.jms.Message are most appropriate for sending a message to a consumer that is not a Java client?
Correct:A E¬
3.In the JMS API for the publish-subscribe domain, how does a durable subscriber differ from a non-durable subscriber?
A.Messages in topics that have durable subscribers remain in the topic until they expire or the subscriber connection to the JMS provider is closed.
B.If  a  durable  subscriber  becomes  disconnected  without  unsubscribing  and  later  reconnects,  the subscriber receives messages that arrived while the subscriber was not active.
C.If a topic has a durable subscriber, the JMS provider logs all messages in a persistent media so that an application can inspect the log and extract messages at a later time.
D.The application server delivers each message in a transactional context so that if a durable subscriber then rolls back the transaction, the state of the message reverts to that prior to delivery.
4.Which of the following is NOT a message transfer protocol?
5.Which two of the following are NOT parts of the J2C Version 1.0 Common Client Interface?
Correct:B D
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