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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

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nowexam 000-102 practice exams topics and study questions are composed by current and active Information Technology experts, who use their experience in preparing you for your future in IT.Share the latest 000-102 Study Guide and witness 000-102 test papers follows:1. An administrator wants  to  install Web SMIT on a node  that  is not part of a cluster. Which PowerHA fileset provides this function?
A. cluster.sysmgt.wsm
D. cluster.sysmgt.websm.rte
Answer: B  
2. A customer has a resource group rg1 configured on a two node cluster with the following policies:  The customer has observed the following scenarios as nodes join the cluster during cluster start up.  Scenario 1  Node1 joins cluster as first node – rg1 is acquired by Node1  Node2 joins cluster as second node – rg1 is moved from Node1 to Node2  Scenario 2  Node2 joins cluster as first node – rg1 is acquired by Node2  Node1 joins cluster as second node – rg1 remains on Node2  Which of the following is the reason for this behavior?
A. rg1 is configured with a delayed fallback timer
B. Settling time policy has not been configured for rg1
C. Node1 does not have sufficient resources to support rg1
D. Node2 is the first in the ‘Default Node Priority’ list for resource group rg1
Answer: D 
3. An administrator is configuring an application monitor. Upon encountering an unrecoverable error the  administrator does not want the resource group to failover.  How can the application monitor be configured to achieve this?
A. Configure the application monitor with a restart count of 0
B. Configure the application monitor with a monitor mode of Notify
C. Configure the application monitor with a notify method of Monitor
D. Configure the application monitor with a failure action of Notify
Answer: D  
4. When does the Online Planning Worksheet tool run a validation?
A. When loading and activating a definition file into an inactive cluster
B. When exporting a definition to a cluster node or saving a definition file
C. When importing a definition from an active cluster or saving a definition file
D. When loading a definition into an active cluster or synchronizing a definition file
Answer: C  
5. An administrator wants  to  use  the online  planning worksheets  as  an aid  to  configuring  a PowerHA cluster.  Which PowerHA fileset would the administrator need to install in order to obtain this tool?
Answer: B  
6. A customer has a requirement to build a 4 node cluster. Disk heartbeating will be used as the non-IP network. What is the maximum number of disk heartbeat point-to-point links one would need to implement  in order to achieve the highest level of availability?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 12
Answer: B  
7. What is the maximum number of nodes that can be configured in a single PowerHA cluster?
A. 16
B. 32
C. 64
D. 128
Answer: B
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