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Friday, August 6th, 2010

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Nowexam PB0-200 practice exams topics and study questions are composed by current and active Information Technology experts, who use their experience in preparing you for your future in IT.Share the latest PB0-200 Study Guide and witness PB0-200 test papers follows:1. How do you achieve full system redundancy in a precision air conditioning system?┬
A. install multiple air conditioning systems in an N+1 configuration┬
B. install a properly-sized DX air cooled unit with chilled water back-up┬
C. install a properly-sized air conditioning unit with redundant compressors┬
D. install Building System cooling (comfort cooling) with an air conditioning unit in standby┬
Answer: A┬
2. What are two reasons why a fully rated UPS (output kW = output kVA) is more compatible with today’s IT loads than an 80%-rated UPS (output kW = output kVA at a 0.8 power factor)? (Choose two.)┬
A. 80%-rated UPSs are more efficient.┬
B. Today’s IT loads are power-factor corrected.┬
C. Fully-rated UPSs have superior output voltage control.┬
D. Fully-rated UPSs make it less likely to undersize the UPS.┬
E. Today’s IT loads lock up when powered by an 80%-rated UPS.┬
Answer: BD┬
3. A site requires redundant power feeds to single-corded servers. What is a possible redundant configuration?┬
A. two single-module UPSs feeding one rack-mount Automatic Transfer Switch and one outlet strip per rack┬
B. two single-module UPSs each feeding dual-panel distribution boards, which in turn feed two outlet strips per rack┬
C. two single-module UPSs each feeding two outlet strips per rack; plugging half the servers in one strip and the other half in another strip┬
D. two single-module UPSs each fed from separately derived utility sources; sources that come from one of two independent utility substations┬
Answer: A
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