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American College Certification Exams Training Materials

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

American College Certification Exams Training Materials
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ACMPE Board Certification
The purpose of the ACLAM examination is to determine qualification in laboratory animal medicine. Consistent with this purpose, the passing standard for the test must separate individuals who possess knowledge at the level commensurate with Diplomate status from those whose knowledge is below that level. Essentially, the examination is used only to make pass/fail decisions. ACLAM’s position is that all who pass are equally qualified, and so no numeric scores will be released.
1. Beginning with the 2009 examination, the 2008 Test Template (based on the 2008 Role Delineation Document) will be used as the guideline to formulate the certification examination.
2. Practical images are no longer projected onto a screen at the front of the examination room for candidates.  All images are now reproduced and included in each candidate’s exam booklet.  This will now allow candidates to answer questions at their own rate and return to specific questions as needed.  This will also alleviate concerns regarding optimal seating to view images.
3. Beginning in 2010, there will be one single examination rather than two separate examinations (written and practical). A proportion (approximately 25-40%) of the questions on the examination will involve images (such as photos, charts or tables) which will be printed in the examination booklet. All questions will be multiple-choice format. Candidates will be required to pass this combined examination, even if they have previously passed only one of them in 2009 or 2008.
Questions on the Written and Practical exam are balanced to the ACLAM Test Template which is based on the 2008 Role Delineation Document. The written exam will consist of approximately 240 multiple choice questions and the practical exam will consist of approximately 135 multiple choice questions
Roughly 66% of the questions on the exam are derived from the ACLAM test data base.  This allows for 33% of the questions as new.  Often these new questions are drawn from current literature and recent publications.  Additionally, new questions may also be added from standard laboratory animal resources (i.e. textbooks and regulations).
Prior to 2005, exams were considerably longer with a higher percentage of new questions.  The current exam format of fewer questions and therefore fewer new questions may have given the impression that current literature was not important or necessary to review.  This is not true.  Questions are still generated from current literature but we attempt to focus all questions to the important topics of laboratory animal medicine as highlighted in the ACLAM Role Delineation Document.
The cut off date for new information for the current years exam is that the information must have been published prior to December 31 of the previous year.
The Examination Committee revises the examinations each year. Completed written and practical sections are evaluated separately. A candidate must pass both sections to be considered for membership by the Board of Directors of the College.
As in previous years, if a candidate fails either part of the examination, he/she is permitted to repeat that part two more times within 26 months of the examination for which he/she is qualified. This procedure will continue in 2009 for candidates who passed only one exam section in either 2007 or 2008.
If the candidate is unable to pass both parts of the examination in the three attempts permitted during this time, and desires to retake the examinations, he/she may be required to show evidence of additional training and/or experience before being permitted to re-apply for examination.

030-333 Study Guide,solution courses learning 030-333 certification test papers

Monday, July 5th, 2010

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A. Limit activities as tolerated to the development of self-care activities, ROM for extremities, and low-resistance activities.
B. Limit upper body activities to biceps curls, horizontal arm adduction, and overhead press using 5-pound weights while sitting on the side of the bed.
C. Progress all activities performed from supine to sitting to standing.
D. Measure vital signs, symptoms, RPE, fatigue, and skin color and perform electrocardiography before, during, and after treatments to assess activity tolerance.
Answer: B 
2 .Which of the following situations indicates progression to independent and unsupervised exercise for a client after CABG surgery in an outpatient program?
A. The client exhibits mild cardiac symptoms of angina, occurring intermittently during exercise and sometimes at home while reading.
B. The client has a functional capacity of greater than 8 MET with hemodynamic responses  appropriate to this level of exercise.
C. The client is noncompliant with smoking cessation and weight loss intervention programs.
D. The client is unable to palpate HR, deliver RPEs, or maintain steady workload intensity during  activity.
Answer: B 
3 .Which of the following issues would you include in discharge education instructions for a client with congestive heart failure to avoid potential emergency situations related to this condition at home?
A. Record body weight daily, and report weight gains to a physician.
B. Note signs and symptoms (e.g.,dyspnea, intolerance to activities of daily living), and report them to a physician.
C. Do not palpate the pulse during daily activities or periods of light- headedness, because an irregular pulse is normal and occurs at various times during the day.
D. Both A and B.
Answer: D 
4 .Initial training sessions for a person with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease most likely would NOT include
A. Continuous cycling activity at 70% of Vo2 max for 30 minutes.
B. Use ofdyspnea scales, RPE scales, and pursed-lip breathing instruction.
C. Intermittent bouts of activity on a variety of modalities (exercise followed by short rest).
D. Encouraging the client to achievean intensity either at or above the anaerobic threshold.
Answer: A
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